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The organization is held together by various activities that are customized and weaved to untangle the knots of conflict and restlessness that binds the human race such that it restricts their liberation.

कल्पयति येन वृत्तिं येन च लोके प्रशस्यते सद्भिः।
स गुणस्तेन च गुणिना रक्ष्यः संवर्धनीयश्च॥


kalpayati yena vṛttiṃ yena ca loke praśasyate sadbhiḥ।
sa guṇastena ca guṇinā rakṣyaḥ saṃvardhanīyaśca॥

The skill that sustains livelihood and which is praised by all
should be fostered and protected for your own development.

- Hitopadesha 2.65

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Activities & Workshops

Yoga with selective live music in open air or indoor studio for all age groups with the supervision of experienced and musically trained Yoga instructors.

The two hour long session is extremely exuberant with one another’s energy, music, rhythm and reverberated chants.


Percussion jamming session is a different experience than stage performance or learning drumming in formal Institutions.

The live experience of playing instruments together is very exciting for all age groups. It manifests team building spirit for various corporates as well as people from different arenas of life. Anyone can be a part of it and feel the intangible energy of rhythm with their own energy as never realized before. This musical exercise is extremely beneficial for releasing stress and detoxing the body and the mind.


A magical feeling of understanding spirituality by getting actively involved in live singing and music with professional musicians could offer the commoners, a strong sense of real mysticism and new levels of pantheism that go beyond any cast, creed or society. The session duration is 1-2 hours.


The inherent talent sometimes is hidden or does not get a chance to be expressed. Vrindan offers this individual interactive session with professional musicians who guide and accompany the participant to understand their flair and enjoy thoroughly without any hesitation.