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The organization is held together by various activities that are customized and weaved to untangle the knots of conflict and restlessness that bind the human race such that it restricts their liberation.

कल्पयति येन वृत्तिं येन च लोके प्रशस्यते सद्भिः।
स गुणस्तेन च गुणिना रक्ष्यः संवर्धनीयश्च॥

kalpayati yena vṛttiṃ yena ca loke praśasyate sadbhiḥ।
sa guṇastena ca guṇinā rakṣyaḥ saṃvardhanīyaśca॥

The skill that sustains livelihood and which is praised by all
should be fostered and protected for your development.

- Hitopadesha 2.65

Teaching Workshop in Schools, Colleges & Universities

Vision : Hosting open-air classes of Music, Dance, Theatre, and Visual Arts, outside of the four-walled restraint of any room to encourage learning outside the dreary rut of any constraint and allow the essence of nature to blend with that of music to offer exuberance in life.

A course that enables intimate customized grooming with respect to the distinctiveness of various individuals that in turn facilitates the process of reviving the long lost spirit of traditional schooling methodology in art and culture.
It includes holding open air classes outside the dreary rut of any four walled room that helps practitioners to gain strength from their ethics, culture, rituals and aspire to be performers.
The mass participation in free style dance moves with the supervision and guidance of experienced dance instructors and aerobic trainers – is highly exciting for enthusiasts like, students, house wives, youngsters etc.
 An hour long rigorous training of and performing dance; helps keep the commoners active in their day to day life. Musically enriched-this activity breaks the monotony of regular stereotyped work out methods.
The music making session is a  2 hour long programme that seeks to  impart knowledge to the curious minds  about sound recording, music editing, video editing,  composing, song writing, arranging and the broadcasting methods with the guidance and regular supervision of experienced sound engineers, technicians, lyricists and music directors.
Promotion of Indian Traditional Art Forms through Cultural Performances

Vision : An initiative to spread the essence of traditional art and culture to the society through public concerts in theatres, auditoriums, schools, colleges and promulgating it in different social media platforms as premier through digital exhibitions.

An initiative to give the essence of our own traditional culture to the society; Vrindan organizes public concerts of maestros in theatres, online premieres of recorded interviews of eminent and budding artists and much more. 
Free music distribution for old age homes, enriching stage shows for school children and college students could successfully stir their emotion and mind in the direction of peace and health.
Music in the Nature for global environmental awareness
Vision : A unique experience of experience the live music performances along with talk shows in the park, riverside, mountains, jungle, garden area with open air environment and natural acoustic sound. It aims to protect our nature and helps other to sensitise to create a better environment all around.
A magical feeling of understanding spirituality by getting actively involved in live singing and music with professional musicians could offer the commoners, a strong sense of real mysticism and new levels of pantheism that go beyond any cast, creed or society. The session duration is 1-2 hours.