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An artistic endevour to oneself and others

The mission is sustained by a strong core of several volunteers who put their heart and soul by giving their time, energy, skills and resources to lead this initiative to success.

Vrindan  is a non-profit  human service organization dedicated to cultivating human potential by  recognizing the possibility of empowerment through the efforts of the community as a whole , while the organization is a mere facilitator in this process of transformation. In a fast paced world like today; where anxiety and distress looms large - Vrindan is hopeful of alleviating people from this chaos and bestowing upon them the "calm" –that  they have unconsciously or otherwise ;been in search of.

Some of our projects include:


Antar dhwani

Union of Yoga,music, dance and meditation-  aimed at accelerating the concept of total wellbeing and inner growth by allowing each individual to delve deep into their own selves while the power of music aids in the same.

Collective dancing sessions for all age groups to revitalize human energy and strengths


Sangeet Satsang
Engaging in mystic and spiritual experiences through customized slokas,songs, gospels, chants and mantras that could help transport an individual to levels of sheer divine joy and pantheism.



An initiative to distribute musical apparatus and instruments to children who have been bereft of this joy owing to their financial conditions , and helping to spread the vibrance and power of music far and wide.


Sahaj Pathshala
Holding open air classes, outside of the four walled restraint of any room to encourage learning outside of the dreary rut of any constraint and allowing the essence of nature to blend with that of music to offer exuberance in life.


supporting the economically challenged children by providing them with  free music, dance , art classes and the examination facilities along with certified courses from different recognised art universities/organisations or institutions.

An art therapy guided by psychologists and musicologists, for the deprived ; to overcome their inhibitions  and foster their rehabilitation.



An initiative to spread the essence of traditional art and culture to the society through public concerts  in theatres and promulgating it in different social media platforms  as  premier through digital exhibitions.

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