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Disaster and destruction tend, as humanity triumphs in the end,

and the only way to pragmatically realise it is through faith in artistic ventures


The Foundation

Vrindan is a non-profit organisation that seeks to instil in people the belief that self- care and nourishment, instinctively paves a way for community welfare and prosperity. It holds the vision of being able to promote holistic well being through the resonating powers of performing and visual arts and thereby rejuvenating people’s spirits.

युक्ति युक्तं प्रगृह्णीयात् बालादपि विचक्षणः।
रवेरविषयं वस्तु किं न दीपः प्रकाशयेत्॥


yukti yuktaṃ pragṛhṇīyāt bālādapi vicakṣaṇaḥ।
raveraviṣayaṃ vastu kiṃ na dīpaḥ prakāśayet॥

The wise should learn to accept wisdom from anybody, even from a child.
Doesn’t the small night lamp light up things which the sun can not?​

– Subhāṣita Ratna Bhāṇḍāgāraḥ 153.25

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Our Courses

These long and short term programs, help develop skill and enjoy the therapeutic, empowering benefits of art, music, dance and yoga.

Activities & Workshops

 Individual grooming to group workshops, these activities enable enthusiasts to enjoy and benefit from the wonderful expression of art.

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H-3/93 B & 93 C, Mahavir Enclave,
Flat No. 101, First Floor, Bengali Colony.
New Delhi – 110045, India.

Call Us: +91 85272 03018/ 98109 49958

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